What we do

Provide strategic planning services for mission-driven organizations.

Are you looking to roll out a new project or program? Do you want to grow your business and build greater capacity? Do you know you need something different, but you're not sure how or where to start? Let us help you make a plan for your organization.

Conduct research, analysis, and reporting.

Gathering information is often the most time-consuming part of implementing new projects or programs. Then once you have the information that you need, it must be analyzed, organized, and formmatted. We simplify this work by sourcing information for you, whether by conducting community engagement workshops, developing neighborhood surveys, performing primary source research, or parsing quantitative data. Our approach focuses on deriving content from research that is both actionable and meaningful.

Visualize information.

A famous philosopher once noted that "the world is a picture" -- an observation never truer than in our current time. Translating information about the world into visual forms is critical to achieving goals. We storify data by using maps, charts, diagrams, and interactive web content to analyze and share information.

Design and build interactive web-based applications.

Making actionable outcomes of data analysis available to public audiences is key to building public awareness and trust in the work you do. We translate research findings into easily-digestible interactive content and invite cross-constituency interactions through creative digital interfaces. This is how we make big data meaningful.

Develop workshops and trainings on spatial data research, design, and visualization.

We love to share our knowledge, especially by bringing together technologists, humanists, and designers to discuss how we can make our cities better places to work and live. We also offer private workshops on data visualization, spatial research, and application design.


Jay Cephas, Ph.D.

Jay Cephas works with organizations to bring their impact capacity in alignment with their mission, vision, and goals. Jay holds a Ph.D. in Architecture and Urban Planning from Harvard University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Detroit Mercy.

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